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In 2014, Matera, one of the two main towns of Basilicata was chosen as European cultural capital for 2019 putting it into the limelight. Regardless this ephemeral period of fame and fortune, the town itself is really an impressive place. The historical center is spectacular and despite local inhabitants wrongly (and cunningly) boast of being the third oldest city of the world, it is quite unique and worthy to be visited. Matera is not the only gem of South-East Italy: the Trulli of Alberobello and the baroque city of Lecce along with Matera make up an incredible trio of tourist sites and it doesn't stop there. The two neighbouring regions of Puglia and Basilicata have plenty of places worthy to be visited... it is up to you to come and discover them



Between Puglia and Basilicata, 58 destinations have been selected, grouped in 16 historically and geographically homogeneous itineraries. The drop-down menu allows you to reach each page of the sites with historical and cultural information and a photo gallery. The destinations are sorted alphabetically.
The same 58 sites can also be reached through the Proposed Itineraries section where you can view a short description of the itineraries themselves, the links to the destinations and a map to locate the locations.
In addition to the 58 destinations there are some "secondary" destinations reachable through the hyperlinks that you find in the description or as in the case of the Terra di Bari, 13 places reachable through another drop-down menu. From one page of an itinerary you can always switch to another via the menu at the top right of the screen. Each site, primary or secondary, has a menu that allows you to change the language or visit the pages of the other sites of the itinerary
At the end of each itinerary description, there are the prices that vay according to the composition of the groups and the time involved along with the access to the page of reservations and 30% payment - in order to access you must accept the terms and conditions. Take a few minutes of your time to read this page.
It is important that you bear in mind that all tours must be defined by e-mail. Once the tour has been defined the next step is booking by paying with the Paypal system (directly on the site) or Transferwise (contact us if you choose this mode)

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Proposed Itineraries

Matera and the Parc of Murgia Materana

Lower Bradano Valley

High Murgia


Itria Valley


Terra di Bari

Magna Grecia and the Ravines

Lost Towns of Bradano Valley

Historical Centers of Upper Bradano Valley



Lucanian Dolomites and Gallipoli-Cognato Forest

Upper Valley of Agri


Pollino National Park