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How to get to Matera


From Bari Palese Airport

The nearest airport is Bari Palese (60 km), from where you can get to Matera in the following ways:

WARNING: on public holidays there are no trains but only a few buses;

From Naples Airport

Naples Capodichino Airport is about 300 km from Matera. Once landed, you can take a bus line (see section “By Bus” for more information).



From Bari

After arriving at Bari by the state railways (Trenitalia), once out of Bari Central Station, you will be at Piazza Aldo Moro. Take the sidewalk on your left and reach FAL train station, from where several trains get to Matera in about 80 minutes.

WARNING: on public holidays there are no trains but only a few buses.


From Ferrandina

From Ferrandina Railways Station (30 km from Matera) you can: take a FAL bus (connections, however, are not yet optimal)
Get information about the timetable because the number of buses that connects Ferrandina Scalo to Matera is limited.


From Metaponto

From Metaponto train station (about 50 km from Matera) you can take the Sita buses (remember to select Basilicata)
Beware: the number of buses that connects Metaponto to Matera is limited.


The bus connections to and from Matera are in constant evolution, then please visit the bus companies sited for more information:



A good alternative, especially for those who must get to Matera from Bari Palese Airport and the Central Railway Station of Bari (or viceversa), is a transfer service.

For info and reservations, send an e-mail to navetta@private-tours-puglia-basilicata.com